MG Brand Summary

MG is a British automotive marque founded in the 1920s. The Morris Garage (MG) badge has been synonymous with cars that excite, inspire, and are a delight to drive.

Fast forward to today, MG officially re-entered the Australian market in 2016. They have been offering customers a value-driven, impressive design, great value, premium product ranges that include MG ZST and ZS compact SUV, the MG HS SUV and the MG3 Auto, that is Australia's Best Selling Light Hatchback.

MG car makes and price range

(Estimated price range as a guide, and is before on-road and government charges)

MG ZS (2023): $21,990 - $47,990

MG HS (2023): $29,990 - $50,990

MG ZST (2023): $24,990  -  $33,990

MG ZS EV (2023): $42,990 - $47,990

MG MG3 AUTO (2023): $17,490 - $19,490

MG HS +EV (2023): $46,990 - $50,990 

New and used car finance

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Can you add in extras to your vehicle finance?

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MG ZS EV Video (shared from MG Youtube Channel)


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MG offers electric and hybrid vehicles such as MG ZS EV, and MG HS+ EV. When you purchase an electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid car, some states and territories in Australia may offer incentives to reward you for your green purchase, such as a reduction in registration fees or stamp duty fees. You can refer to your state or territories government website for further information on if there may be an incentive available to you. offers a green discount on qualified electric and hybrid vehicles. You may also get car finance with our preferred car brokerage service , who can help get you a discount on your MG vehicle.

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