Subaru Brand Summary

Subaru was founded in Japan in 1953. Initially, it first started as the Aircraft Research Laboratory in 1915 under the name of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. 

Subaru became one of the first companies to market AWD or full-time All-Wheel Drive vehicles in 1986. Fast forward to today, Subaru has become one of the world’s leading automakers, well-known for their AWDs, rough-road capabilities, and affordable sports car designs. Some of the popular Subaru car models are the Impreza, Outback, Forester SUV, and more recently the XV crossover SUV and the BRZ sports coupe.

Top selling Subaru Cars in Australia

(Estimated price range as a guide, and is before on-road and government charges)

Subaru Outback (2023): $41,490 to $55,990

Subaru WRX (2023): $40,990 to  $62,440

Subaru Impreza (2023): $23,990 to $36,290

Subaru BRZ (2023): $38,990 to $46,890

Subaru XV (2023): $231,990 to $42,090

Subaru Forester (2023): $35,990 to $49,340

Subaru Crosstrek (2023): $34,990 to $45,090

What benefits of financing your Subaru? 

There are plenty of benefits if you decide to finance your Subaru vehicle. A car loan allows you to purchase your car sooner, instead of waiting to save up the money for the purchase. There are many lenders offering competitive, low interest rates that you can take advantage of, which can also help make your repayments easier on the wallet. To find out how much your car loan repayment would be, you can use our car loan calculator

A Subaru has a great resell value since it is considered to be the best brand for resale value after 5 years, according to Which means you can upgrade easily at the end of the car loan term.

New car and used car finance from

If you want to secure a low interest rate for your new car loan, have a range of competitive of fixed and variable car loan rates. They have a large offering of car finance products that can suit your budget and needs. You can check it out and get a car loan pre-approval.

Financing a used Subaru vehicle is also possible through a used car loan with If you decide to buy used, generally used vehicle owners decide to sell their vehicles after four to five years of ownership or roughly about 30,000km to 60,000km. So you should keep a keen eye out for vehicles in this range.

Green car finance options for Subaru electric and hybrid cars

Green car loans are the trend right now because of their low carbon emissions and savings on fuel. The Australian government is also currently offering discounts and concessions on stamp duty or registration costs for some green car buyers, depending on your state. So financing your electric or hybrid Subaru, such as the Forrester Hybrid, XV Hybrid and the new Solterra Electric vehicle can let you take advantage of this benefit.

How to use a car loan calculator

 If you decide to finance your Subaru with a car loan, you will need to pay for an ongoing car repayment monthly, fortnightly, or weekly (depending on your lender’s preferences, and which suits your schedule). Our Auto Loan Calculator can give you an estimate of what your car loan repayments will cost. 

To use this tool, simply enter the amount you’re planning to borrow, the purchase price of the vehicle, the deposit, the loan term, and the interest rate.

The difference between the purchase price and the loan amount is that the purchase price is the amount you will pay to the seller or dealer. The loan amount, on the other hand, is the amount you will borrow from the lender. Since not all lenders will agree to lend 100% of the vehicle price, they will require their borrowers to make a deposit, usually, 20% of the vehicle’s price. 

Some borrowers will also plan on taking out a balloon payment to decrease their monthly loan repayment. A balloon payment feature allows you to reduce your ongoing monthly loan repayments, however you will be required to pay the balloon amount as a lump sum at the end of your car loan term.

Subaru Outback Video (shared from Subaru Youtube Channel)


Interest rates to finance your Subaru will really vary if you decide to go finance your vehicle straight from Subaru, from the car dealer, bank, or an online lender. It is often that online lenders like can offer a much more competitive interest rate, with less fees compared to other loan options. 

This is quite often a myth and used as a sales tactic as the 0% interest on the car loan is often made up on the sale price of the vehicle upfront, and you may end up paying more as compared to a normal car loan.

Currently, many Subaru dealers offer car financing, however, keep in mind that this is often on sale and they act as a middleman. It’s always a great idea to compare finance directly from a range of providers, as you may find car finance with other lenders to be much cheaper. Dealer financing also generally has more fees, compared to other car loan options, so it is important to keep an eye out for any hidden costs.

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It is possible to refinance your Subaru car loan to, and can be helpful if you are looking for a lower interest rate, or if your balloon payment falls due and you would like to finance this to pa

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