Features and Specifications

If you’re looking for an impressive and reliable small car, the Mazda2 is a great choice. Known for its outstanding safety technology, premium interior design, and incredible drivability, this car offers a balanced mix of comfort and style. This model has several variants with prices ranging from $22,410 to $27,610 before on-road costs. 

The Mazda2 is powered by a 1.5-litre engine with a choice of manual and automatic transmissions. The riding experience is enhanced with intelligent technology such as a 360-degree monitor, climate control air conditioning, and advanced keyless entry.  

Example Calculation for a Mazda 2 G15 GT

Let's take a look at an example calculation for a Mazda 2 G15 GT. Suppose you're considering purchasing a Mazda 2 G15 GT for $27,490 MSRP. You have a trade-in vehicle of $4,990, leaving your loan amount borrowed at $22,500 and your credit score and personal situation qualify you for an indicative interest rate of 6.79%. You decide to finance the vehicle over a 60-month term.

Using an online loan calculator, you can estimate that your monthly payments would be around $327.48, with the total cost of the loan coming in at around $27,896. This includes the principal amount of the loan, interest paid over the term of the loan, however any fees or charges associated with the loan would still have to be added.

Other Options

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